Himalayan Hand Painted Pattern in Black color Singing Bowl Handcrafted in Nepal with a traditional wooden striker


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Item Dimensions:

  • Weight – 741 grams
  • Depth – 8 cm
  • Circumference – 46 cm
  • Diameter  – 14.5 cm

About the Item:

Discover Serenity with Our Himalayan Singing Bowl Set

Step into a realm of calmness with our exquisite Himalayan Singing Bowl Set. This traditional instrument, handcrafted in Nepal, blends copper, silver, and gold to produce a unique sound that promotes relaxation and focus.

Why Choose Our Singing Bowl Set?

Himalayan Craftsmanship: Hand-hammered in the Himalayan Foothills by Nepalese artisans, each bowl boasts unique tones. Includes the singing bowl and wooden striker.
Enhance Your Practices: Ideal for yoga, meditation, sound therapy, and healing. Its soothing vibrations create an atmosphere of tranquillity, perfect for those seeking inner peace.
Quality Assured: Each bowl is rigorously tested for sound quality, ensuring the finest experience. Expertly packaged for safe delivery.
Portably Sized: Designed for comfort, this bowl fits perfectly in your hand. Take it to classes, retreats, or keep it as a calming home decor piece.
Thoughtful Gift: Perfect gifts for your friend and families who looking for a peaceful mind, promoting a peaceful state of mind.

How to Play:

Gentle Start: Tap the bowl’s exterior to awaken vibrations.
Melodic Resonance: Glide the wooden striker along the rim’s edge for enchanting tones.

Unveil mindfulness and tranquillity with our Himalayan Singing Bowl Set. Elevate well-being, enrich meditation, and embark on a journey of inner harmony. Experience the allure of this timeless instrument, crafted for your serenity.

Please note: Each singing bowl is a unique, hand-hammered creation, showcasing authenticity and craftsmanship through variations in appearance and tone.


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