Natural Turquoise Crystal and Clear Quartz Crystal Bracelet


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  • Turquoise Crystal Beads: 10mm
  • Clear Quartz Crystal Bead: 12mm

Introducing our stunning Natural Turquoise and Clear Quartz Crystal Bracelet, crafted with care and precision to bring a touch of nature’s beauty to your wrist. This exquisite bracelet features genuine turquoise and clear quartz crystals, each measuring a substantial 10mm in diameter, ensuring a bold yet elegant statement piece.

Turquoise, revered for its striking blue-green hue, has long been cherished for its protective and healing properties. It’s believed to promote harmony and balance while enhancing communication and spiritual growth. Paired with the pure clarity of quartz crystals, known as the “master healer,” this bracelet creates a powerful synergy of energies, amplifying the positive vibrations around you.

The beads are carefully strung together on a durable elastic cord, allowing for a comfortable and flexible fit for wrists of all sizes. Whether worn alone as a statement piece or layered with other bracelets for a personalized look, this Natural Turquoise and Clear Quartz Crystal Bracelet is sure to captivate attention and inspire awe wherever you go.

Embrace the beauty of nature and harness the ancient energies of turquoise and quartz with this exquisite bracelet. Elevate your style and elevate your spirit with this timeless piece.


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